How to clean your derma roller?

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It is very important to clean your derma roller properly,following are the steps to follow to sterilize/clean your derma roller properly:

Step 1

Fill in a warm (boiling water) plastic containers and pour some drops to wash the liquid. Apply the drawer roller and leave it until it is clean (until it turns out to be 10-20 minutes long) in the container upside down (so that the needles are not in contact with the container walls). Wash the Derma Roller with hot water. This method will remove the Derma Roller from any mineral or skin cells, but it will not sterilize.

Step 2
Surgical spirits (also known as alcohol rugby) is a mixture of methanol and ethanol and is ideal for disinfection of Derma Roller (you can buy it from
You can use 60-80% ethanol or methanol alcohol or isopropyl alcohol.
The easiest way to disinfect your skin roller is by transferring the sensation of the surgery to a spray bottle, then spraying the skin roller, to ensure that all the needles are coated.
If you prefer, you can pour some surgery feeling in a suitable container and apply a drama roller for up to an hour.
Step 3
Wash the Derma roller with water running, then place it on top of a paper towel and air it dry.
Step 4
Once the Derma roller is completely dry, keep it back in your storage container.

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