Tips on how to use derma roller for the first time

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For the first timer these tips are very essential:

1. Learn the size of the appropriate micro needle

The mistake of one of the first mistakes of the first time is that they have failed to know the size of the appropriate needle for the skin. For a particular area of ​​skin, the size of the skin of different sizes is different. Small needle limbs are used in the areas of the eye and neck, in the hands. As long as the stomach, hands and feet of the micro needles are used for the back of the area. These areas have deep skin so it requires more needles to stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin.

2. Look For The Best Derma Roller Product

There are many brand Derma Rollers in the market. Yes provides with the best Derma roller products

3. Use the best skin care products

To increase therapeutic effects of Derma rollers, you have to use the best skin care product. Keep in mind that skin rejuvenation, Derma rollers are also used for fast and growing absorption of serum, moisturizer, cream and other topical agents. , is coming soon with skin products.

4. Transfer your Derma Rolling Area

We have written a blog on this, click here

5. Know the Parts of Derma Rollers

Covaling parts of Derma rollers will guide you on how to properly use the device. Derma rollers are simple hand-held tools, which are used for at least invasive surgical and medical techniques. It is composed of a cylinder that remains in a hundred needle needles. Just be careful when removing the cover of the cylinder because it can be a fingerprint to your finger

6. Prepare your skin for skin care

To get the maximum result, make sure you prepare your skin for the skin rolling session. Clear the specific area with soap and water. Then, you can clean and clear the area by using chemical peels for better results. Cleaning and exfoliating increases the rapid absorption of skin

7. Add 1 or 2 layers of your serum of choice

Adding one to two layers of the serum of choice will further increase the therapeutic effects of cutaneous rolling treatment. There are several types of serum to choose from, you can use either Vitamin C Serum, Anti-aging serial, Youth serials, and many others.

8. Learn to properly roll properly

Gently roll your Derma Roller three to four times in a vertical, horizontal and diagonal direction per field. If you are using it on your face, then roll it twice on your forehead, cheek, lips, chin and neck. Press it very hard because you can cause pain. Just put enough pressure because you can afford comfortably. Take extra care while rolling down your eyes and lips, because these areas are very sensitive. No serum is applied on the eyelids.

9. Apply another layer of serum after Derma rolling

For good results, apply another layer on the OSF serum after your Derma Rolling. If you are not sensitive to retinol, then you can apply it in the night after rolling.

10. Make Dorma Rolling Habits

It is very important to make habit.

11. Clean your Derma Rollers after use

Use isopropilic or rubbing alcohol to clean your Derma rollers. You can also keep it in plastic case to ensure that it is clean and it will not be exposed to any harmful microorganism.

12. Do not finish the roll

An important tip in Derma rolling is not more than rolling Derma Rollers. Rolling can cause redness and swelling and long-term recovery.

13. Do not forget moisture

Moisturizing your skin will improve the overall condition of the skin area, so it will be more receptive for Derma rolling. Better to use non-comedogenic moisturizer to prevent holes.

14. Do not share your Derma Rollers

Even if you are very excited to share your Dorma Rolling experience with your friends, never share the device with anyone else. This will stop the transfer of any harmful bacteria in the skin which may be a source of infection.

15. Check your derma rollers to break any needles.

Home care Derma rollers can be used for many seasons. Just make sure you check the rollers regularly, if it's still in good condition. If needles break, it can be disposed of immediately or left in your skin due to swelling and infection

16. Carefully follow the instructions

Ensure that you adhere to the proper directions of the role of Derma religiously, to prevent any wrinkles and other side effects.

17. Stick to Your Beauty Diet

Derma rollers prove effective in reducing marks and other skin marks. Therefore, make sure you stick to your diet and treatment plan. Be patient, you will see visible results in just a few days.

18. Do not be shy to ask

Being a first-timer user, there may be a lot of suspicion about your product. This is normal for any consumer. If you have any doubt, do not hesitate to ask, so that you can get a good and appropriate advice.

19. Ask Only Experts

Make sure that when you ask, you go for the right person. Ask a medical professional if you have any doubts about the treatment plan

20 Be patient at its time of recovery

Unlike other skin rejuvenation procedures, you can not run your regular daily activities for more than two weeks. But in the Derma rolling session, your down time is only 2 to 4 days.

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